[Python-Dev] PEP-498: Literal String Formatting

Yury Selivanov yselivanov.ml at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 17:42:44 CEST 2015


On 2015-08-07 9:39 PM, Eric V. Smith wrote:
> 'f-strings are very awesome!'
> I'm open to any suggestions to improve the PEP. Thanks for your feedback.

Congrats for the PEP, it's a cool concept!

Overall I'm +1, because a lot of my own formatting code
looks like this:

    'something ... {var1} .. something ... {var2}'.format(
         var1=var1, var2=var2)

However, I'm still -1 on a few things.

1. Naming.  How about renaming f-strings to i-strings
(short for interpolated, and, maybe, later for i18n-ed)?

So instead of f'...' we will have i'...'.

There is a parallel PEP 501 by Nick Coghlan proposing
integrating translation mechanisms, and I think, that
"i-" prefix would allow us to implement PEP 498 first,
and later build upon it.

And, to my ears, "i-string" sounds way better than

2. I'm still not sold on allowing arbitrary expressions
in strings.  There is something about this idea that
conflicts with Python philosophy and its principles.
Supporting arbitrary expressions means that we give a
blessing to shifting parts of application business logic
to string formatting.

I'd hate to see code like this:

     print(f'blah blah {self.foobar(spam="ham")!r} blah')

to me it seems completely unreadable, and should be
refactored to

     result = self.foobar(spam="ham")
     print(f'blah blah {result!r} blah')

The refactored snippet of code is readable even without
advanced syntax highlighting.

Moreover, if we decide to implement Nick's PEP 501, then
supporting expressions in f-strings will cause more harm
than good, as translators usually aren't programmers.

I think that the main reason behind allowing arbitrary
expressions in f-strings is allowing attribute and
item access:

     f'{foo.bar} {spam["ham"]}'

If that's the case, then can we just restrict expressions
allowed in f-strings to names, attribute and item lookups?
And if later, there is a strong demand for full expressions,
we can add them in 3.7?


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