[Python-Dev] Instructions on the new "push request" workflow for 3.5.0rc1+ through 3.5.0 final

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Tue Aug 11 02:28:18 CEST 2015

On 08/10/2015 01:27 AM, Larry Hastings wrote:
> As of Python 3.5.0rc1, the canonical repository for Python 3.5.0 is
> *no longer* on hg.python.org.  Instead, it's hosted on Bitbucket on
> my personal account, here:
>     https://bitbucket.org/larry/cpython350
> Since 3.5.0rc1 isn't out yet I'm keeping the repository private for now.
> Once 3.5.0 rc1 is released (hopefully Monday) I'll flip the switch and 
> make
> the repository public.  (I'll email python-dev and python-committers when
> that happens.)

Python 3.5.0rc1 just went live.  So, as promised, I've flipped the 
switch--my "cpython350" repository is now public.

En garde,

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