[Python-Dev] PEP-498: Literal String Formatting

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Aug 17 17:13:54 CEST 2015

On Aug 18, 2015, at 12:58 AM, Chris Angelico wrote:

>The linters could tell you that you have no 'end' or 'start' just as
>easily when it's in that form as when it's written out in full.
>Certainly the mismatched brackets could easily be caught by any sort
>of syntax highlighter. The rules for f-strings are much simpler than,
>say, the PHP rules and the differences between ${...} and {$...},
>which I've seen editors get wrong.

I'm really asking whether it's technically feasible and realistically possible
for them to do so.  I'd love to hear from the maintainers of pyflakes, pylint,
Emacs, vim, and other editors, linters, and other static analyzers on a rough
technical assessment of whether they can support this and how much work it
would be.


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