[Python-Dev] contributing to multiprocessing

Davin Potts python at discontinuity.net
Fri Jan 9 00:21:06 CET 2015

Hi all --

I am interested in making some serious ongoing contributions around

My inspiration, first and foremost, comes from the current documentation
for multiprocessing.  There is great material there but I believe it is
being presented in a way that hinders adoption and understanding.  I've
taken some initial baby-steps to propose specific changes:

The first, issue22952, can reasonably be tackled with a patch like I've
submitted.  Continuing with patches for issue23100 can also be made to
work.  I realize that reviewing such patches takes non-trivial time from
volunteers yet I'm interested in submitting a series of patches to
hopefully make the documentation for multiprocessing much more consistent
with other module docs and much more accessible to end users.  I don't want
to simply create more work for other volunteers -- I'd like to volunteer to
reduce / share some of their work as well.

Beyond the documentation, there is currently a backlog of 186 issues
mentioning multiprocessing, some with patches on offer, some without.  I'd
like to volunteer my time reviewing and triaging these issues.  Hopefully
you can already get a sense of my voice on issues from what I wrote in
those two issues above.

Rather than me simply walking through that backlog, offering comments or
encouragement here and there on issues, it makes more sense for me to ask:
what is the right way for me to proceed?  What is the next step towards me
helping triage issues?  Is there a bridge-keeper with at least three, no
more than five questions for me?


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