[Python-Dev] Overriding stdlib http package

Demian Brecht demianbrecht at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 22:58:13 CET 2015

On 2015-01-14 1:19 PM, Brett Cannon wrote:
> But as Guido pointed out, we _like_ it being difficult to do because we
> don't want this kind of substitution happening as code ends up depending on
> bugs and quirks that you may fix.

I can understand the reasoning.

> How many other modules are dependent on the http module in the stdlib that
> are going to be affected by your changes? One option is you fork http
> **and** and modules in the stdlib that are dependent on it. You don't
> really have to change the other modules beyond their import statement of
> using http -- you can even do `import http3 as http` or something to
> minimize the changes -- but you at least don't have to monkeypatch
> sys.modules for others to gain from your http changes. Plus as you patch
> stuff in http you may find you have/want to patch other dependent modules
> as well and so you will have already done that.

It looks like there are 5 other modules dependent on the http package.
If I understand what you're proposing, it pretty much defeats the
purpose of what I'm trying to accomplish with a standalone httplib3 package.

That said, considering the points that you and Guido have both made, I
think that the best course of action is to either just fork CPython as a
whole or to continue with httplib3 but abandon overriding sys.modules,
develop features detached from the stdlib and worry about fixing
dependencies when integrating changes upstream.

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