[Python-Dev] rst files

Gary Herron gherron at digipen.edu
Sat Jan 24 00:56:54 CET 2015

On 01/23/2015 03:43 PM, Ethan Furman wrote:
> Can somebody please explain this?
> .. index::
>     single: formatting, string (%)
>     single: interpolation, string (%)
>     single: string; formatting
>     single: string; interpolation
>     single: printf-style formatting
>     single: sprintf-style formatting
>     single: % formatting
>     single: % interpolation
> Specifically, what does index mean?  What does single vs double vs triple mean?  Is there a reference somewhere I can read?

In restructured text (rst), the .. syntax starts a directive.  There are 
a number of built-in directives, and there is the ability to extend the 
syntax with domain specific directives.

That must be the case here (since there doesn't appear to be a built-in 
directive named index), so we'll need more information about the source 
of your rst file before we can answer anything about that particular add 
on directive.

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