[Python-Dev] What's New editing

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Jul 7 15:30:32 CEST 2015

On Jul 06, 2015, at 09:32 PM, Raymond Hettinger wrote:

>FWIW, it took me 100+ hours.   Doing this right is a non-trivial undertaking
>(in modern times, there are an astonishing number of changes per release).
>That said, it is rewarding work that makes a difference.

Indeed.  During distro Python version transitions (including the 3.5 one I'm
currently working on), verifying intentional changes via NEWS entries has been
really critical.

I'll point again to https://wiki.python.org/moin/PortingToPy3k/34to35 which
I'm using to document the changes that I've seen break actual packages.

Thanks for volunteering to do this work David, and for doing it in the past


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