[Python-Dev] How far to go with user-friendliness

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Sat Jul 18 13:06:37 CEST 2015

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Antoine Pitrou writes: 
 > [...] is amongst the reasons why I'm stopping contributing to 
 > CPython. 
> We'll miss your code. But you're only one committer, even if you've 
> contributed more than the average amount. On the other hand, Python 
> needs to *grow* the committer group beyond its current size, and 
> *some* such discussion is necessary for new committers' advancement to 
> "benevolent dictator for one PEP" level, which is also a pain point 

I don't think growing committer numbers is CPython's #1 problem. CPython
needs *relevant*contributions:  Hypothetically speaking, I'd wager that
someone writing an industrial strength concurrent garbage collector is
*far more likely* to share Antoine's attitude.

ALL developer's who fall into that category are being put off by the
current climate on python-dev and python-ideas, and there's no
shortage of other languages to contribute to.

Likewise, I don't think PEPs are the problem either: Python already has
too many features (recently I found myself thinking that C++ is a really
nice small language :).

Stefan Krah

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