[Python-Dev] How far to go with user-friendliness

s.krah stefan at bytereef.org
Sat Jul 18 16:16:28 CEST 2015

Stephen J. Turnbull <stephen at xemacs.org> wrote:

 >> Hypothetically speaking, I'd wager that someone writing an 
 >> industrial strength concurrent garbage collector is *far more 
 >> likely* to share Antoine's attitude. 
> I hope not. It's one thing to wish that one can be surrounded by 
> peers with compatible workflows. It's another to address those who 
> aren't one's peers with words like "keep up the good work, it's people 
> like you that make this a repulsive place to be." (That may not be an 
> exact quote but it's in the same spirit.) 

Sorry, that amounts to twisting my words. An attitude is a general way of
approaching things and I meant it in a positive way.

I haven't read the flame you're alluding to, but an occasional flame is NOT
the defining characteristic of a person.

On the contrary, on the bug-tracker Antoine has been most helpful,
responsive and welcoming towards newcomers.

It would be a great loss if he really stops and I hope he'll reconsider.

Stefan Krah

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