[Python-Dev] How do we tell if we're helping or hindering the core development process? (was Re: How far to go with user-friendliness)

Baptiste Carvello devel at baptiste-carvello.net
Tue Jul 21 11:27:56 CEST 2015


since this thread is restarting in debriefing mode: one thing struck me
as a non-committer following python-dev.

It seems that we (non-committers) have a difficulty making the
distinction between pre-implementation design discussions (PEPs beeing
the typical example), where relevant technical comments are welcome,
even on minor points, and post-commit discussions, where the maintainer
already made the design decisions, and discussing anything except real
bugs is unhelpful.

In this particular thread, the distinction was all the more blurred by
the very generic title. A thread titled something like "Commit-xxx:
should mock try to detect user typos?" would have been much less likely
to attract comments discussing principles in the abstract, without
taking the context into account.



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