[Python-Dev] Unable to build regex module against Python 3.5 32-bit

Paul Moore p.f.moore at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 12:24:32 CEST 2015

On 5 June 2015 at 02:28, MRAB <python at mrabarnett.plus.com> wrote:
> For reference, here's how I can build the regex module on Windows 8.1,
> 64-bit, using only MinGW64.
> For Python 3.5, I can link against "python35.dll", but for earlier
> versions, including Python 2.7, I need "libpython.a".
> I have built regex module for all of the 16 supported versions of
> Python (2.5-2.7, 3.1-3.5, 64-bit and 32-bit) and they have all passed
> the tests.
> rem For Python 3.5, 64-bit.
> rem Can link against the Python DLL.
> rem Compile
> "C:\MinGW64\bin\gcc.exe" -mdll -m64 -DMS_WIN64 -O2 -Wall -Wsign-compare
> -Wconversion -I"C:\Python35-64\include" -c
> "D:\mrab-regex\source\_regex_unicode.c" -o
> "D:\mrab-regex\release\3.5-64\_regex_unicode.o"
> "C:\MinGW64\bin\gcc.exe" -mdll -m64 -DMS_WIN64 -O2 -Wall -Wsign-compare
> -Wconversion -I"C:\Python35-64\include" -c "D:\mrab-regex\source\_regex.c"
> -o "D:\mrab-regex\release\3.5-64\_regex.o"
> rem Link
> "C:\MinGW64\bin\gcc.exe" -m64 -shared -s
> "D:\mrab-regex\release\3.5-64\_regex_unicode.o"
> "D:\mrab-regex\release\3.5-64\_regex.o" -L"C:\Python35" -lpython35 -o
> "D:\mrab-regex\release\3.5-64\_regex.pyd"


Note that even if we were to ship appropriate libpython.a libraries,
this would always be a totally unsupported way of building Python
extensions using mingw.

If you want to build extensions, whether using mingw or otherwise, you
should use distutils/setuptools. To use mingw, there's the
--compiler=mingw switch that allows you to choose your compiler. There
are a number of open issues around distutils with mingw which may mean
that currently this approach doesn't work, but getting the mingw-using
community to help with fixing those issues is the *only* way we'll
ever get to a point where mingw is a supported toolchain for Python.

I appreciate that "just getting it to work" is a powerful motivator
here, but the plethora of different ways that people use for building
extensions with mingw is *precisely* why mingw has failed to remain a
supported toolchain.

I'd be interested to know how well using setup.py --compiler=mingw
works for your project, and why you chose to go with the manual
process. (Just as an aside, setup.py works prerfectly for me when
building the regex package with MSVC).


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