[Python-Dev] About Python Developer Testsuites

Arsalan Javeed (Student) ajaveed at sabanciuniv.edu
Thu Jun 18 23:34:18 CEST 2015

Dear Concerned,

I am using python v.2.7.1 for my research work in software testing. I have
already downloaded the source codes and found the built-in testsuites for
running on the build. However, i was wondering if by any chance are there
any testsuites which exist that are primarily meant for* developers* of the
source code which can be used before releasing a build, for instance smoke
testsuite/regression testsuites, besides the one already distributed with
source code.

If such developer testsuite exist i would request to share them.

Thanking in advance for the information.


Arsalan Javeed
MS Computer Science and Engineering
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