[Python-Dev] Backporting the 3.5+ Windows build project files to 2.7

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Tue Jun 23 10:14:29 CEST 2015

On 22/06/2015 18:03, Zachary Ware wrote:
> As you may know, Steve Dower put significant effort into rewriting the
> project files used by the Windows build as part of moving to VC14 as
> the official compiler for Python 3.5.  Compared to the project files
> for 3.4 (and older), the new project files are smaller, cleaner,
> simpler, more easily extensible, and in some cases quite a bit more
> correct.
> I'd like to backport those new project files to 2.7, and Intel is
> willing to fund that work as part of making Python ICC compilable on
> all platforms they support since it makes building Python 2.7 with ICC
> much easier.  

Very much +1. Anything which eases building on Windows is good. I'd
meant a while ago to put in a vote of thanks to you & Steve for the
incremental improvements and tidy-ups to the build area, and I'd
certainly like to see this proposed change go in.

I'll try to find time to check out your branch and build from there, but
unless you've done anything bizarre I'm sure I'll be happy with it.


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