[Python-Dev] PEP 492: async/await in Python; version 4

Yury Selivanov yselivanov.ml at gmail.com
Tue May 5 23:44:20 CEST 2015

On 2015-05-05 5:31 PM, Jim J. Jewett wrote:
> Tue May 5 21:48:36 CEST 2015, Yury Selivanov wrote:
>> >As for terminology, I view this discussion differently.  It's
>> >not about the technical details (Python has asymmetric
>> >coroutines, that's it), but rather on how to disambiguate
>> >coroutines implemented with generators and yield-from, from
>> >new 'async def' coroutines.
> Not just "How?", but "Why?".
> Why do they*need*  to be disambiguated?

To clearly show how one interacts with the other, to explain
how backwards compatibility is implemented, and to better
illustrate some additional (and necessary) restrictions
we put on 'async def' coroutines.  Otherwise, the PEP would
be completely unreadable :)


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