[Python-Dev] Automated testing of patches from bugs.python.org

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Wed May 20 20:03:22 CEST 2015

On 5/20/2015 3:44 AM, anatoly techtonik wrote:

> This was intended to add status for bugs.python.org, but the work on
> Roundup had stalled due to uncertainty and despair on how to handle
> utf-8 (internal to Roundup) vs unicode (internal to Jinja2) in this issue:
> http://issues.roundup-tracker.org/issue2550811
> The root of the problem is that Python 2.7 uses 'ascii' and not 'utf-8'
> internally, so Jinja2 engine fails with 'ascii' ordinal not in range
> somewhere in the way. Need an expert advice how to handle that, because
> my brain power is not enough to process it.

In my view, the root of the problem is using Python 2 and working with 
encoded bytes.  The fix is to upgrade to Python 3.3+, with an improved 
text model (unicode str class), and work with text.  Follow the standard 
process: decode encoded bytes to text when received from browsers, work 
internally with text, and encode output just before sending to browsers.

Terry Jan Reedy

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