[Python-Dev] Computed Goto dispatch for Python 2

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Sun May 31 16:44:33 CEST 2015

On 5/31/2015 6:59 AM, Alexander Walters wrote:
> A better course of action would be to deprecate the non-portable
> version.  Other than setting the PATH envvar, why do we need to continue
> even touching the system on install?  It is highly annoying for those of
> us that maintain several installs of python on a single windows system,
> and it really should stop.

Some people want the right-click context menu entries -- Run (also 
double click) and Edit with Idle, which should be Edit with Idle x.y.

> The only use I can think of for ever touching the registry in the first
> place is to tell distutils installers where python is.  I can tell you
> right now, that design choice is a bug.  There are some mighty hacks you
> have to go through to correct that behavior when you happen to be using
> a virtualenv.
> (We are calling it 'embedable', but the rest of the world would call it
> 'portable', as in, runable from a usb stick)

Terry Jan Reedy

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