[Python-Dev] Which version is better? Phyton 27 or Phyton 35?

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz
Fri Apr 1 20:16:06 EDT 2016

Chris Angelico wrote:
> In this era of international foods in every supermarket aisle,
> you cannot simply dismiss the black marks as "funny spots" and wish
> they'd just go away; you MUST have a fungicide which can adequately
> handle them.

At least there's a standard for the spots now. It used to
be a real mess -- Japanese plants had yellow spots, Chinese
ones had red spots, all the European countries had their
own slightly different variations on the spots, and you
had to keep a dozen different fungicides in your shed for
treating them.

But now, fortunately, more and more growers are producing
plants with the standard spots, and Phyton 35 is widely
acknowledged as being one of the best fungicides for dealing
with them. (Except for one person who seems to have his
own inscrutable ideas on what should be done with spots.)


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