[Python-Dev] Other pathlib improvements? was: When should pathlib stop being provisional?

Chris Barker - NOAA Federal chris.barker at noaa.gov
Thu Apr 7 11:44:12 EDT 2016

>> Personally, the main issue I have with remembering pathlib method
>> names, is the inconsistency with the existing modules.

Was this *really*  not brought up when this was introduced? Oh well.

We could add aliases, but I think it's not such a big deal. I'm
convinced that the largest barrier to adoption has been that it can't
be used with the stdlib. And I think the discussion on Python-ideas
supports that.

That, and py2 compatibility. There is a back port on PyPi, but it
can't be used with the stdlib, either. Not sure what to do about
that--maybe it should inherit from Unicode?


> That is one of the things I really dislike.  If the behaviour is the same as the os version, it should have the same name.  I also have no problem with new names that makes more sense so long as an alias exists for the os version (can even be deprecated without removal).
>> Would I change the names? I honestly don't know. If os.path was going
>> to disappear, then no - the inconsistency is a short term problem. But
>> even if there's a major switch to pathlib, I expect os.path to remain
>> indefinitely, and that inconsistency will be a wart that we'll have to
>> live with for a long time.
> os.path isn't going anywhere.
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