[Python-Dev] Challenge: Please break this! (a.k.a restricted mode revisited)

Nikolaus Rath Nikolaus at rath.org
Mon Apr 11 11:35:11 EDT 2016

On Apr 11 2016, Jon Ribbens <jon+python-dev at unequivocal.co.uk> wrote:
>> What I see is that you asked to break your sandbox, and less than 1
>> hour later, a first vulnerability was found (exec called with two
>> parameters). A few hours later, a second vulnerability was found
>> (async generator and cr_frame).
> The former was just a stupid bug, it says nothing about the viability
> of the methodology. The latter was a new feature in a Python version
> later than I have ever used, and again does not imply anything much
> about the viability.

It implies that new versions of Python may break your sandbox. That
doesn't sound like a viable long-term solution.

> I think now I've blocked the names of frame
> object attributes it wouldn't be a vulnerability any more anyway.

It seems like you're playing whack-a-mole. 


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