[Python-Dev] Not receiving bug tracker emails

Martin Panter vadmium+py at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 06:33:19 EDT 2016

On 14 April 2016 at 08:51, Serhiy Storchaka <storchaka at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 13.04.16 07:39, Terry Reedy wrote:
>> On 4/4/2016 5:05 PM, Terry Reedy wrote:
>> Since a few days, I am getting bug tracker emails again, in my Inbox.  I
>> just got a Rietveld review in the Inbox and I believe it went there
>> directly instead of first to Junk.  Thank you to whoever made the
>> improvements.
> AFAIK David just disabled IPv6 support.
> Most bug tracker emails still went in the Spam folder. I have a filter for
> Roundap emails, but there is no any mark that I can use for filtering
> Rietveld emails.

FWIW I set up the following filter in Gmail for Rietveld reviews:

Matches: http://bugs.python.org/review
Do this: Never send it to Spam

I suspect it helps, but occasionally I think stuff still goes to spam.
(Just don’t tell this secret rule to actual spammers :)

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