[Python-Dev] Dependent packages not listed on PyPI

Andreas Maier andreas.r.maier at gmx.de
Tue Apr 19 07:38:48 EDT 2016

I have a package "pywbem" which in its setup script specifies a number 
of dependent packages via "install_requires".

I should also say that it extends setuptools/distutils with its own 
additional keywords, e.g. it adds a "develop_requires", but I believe 
(hope) that is irrelevant for my problem.

In pywbem 0.8.3, the dependencies are:

     args = {
         'install_requires': [

and when running on Python 2.x, an additional one is added, dependent on 
the OS platform and bit size:

     if sys.version_info[0] == 2:
         if platform.system() == 'Windows':
             if platform.architecture()[0] == '64bit':
                 m2crypto_req = 'M2CryptoWin64>=0.21'
                 m2crypto_req = 'M2CryptoWin32>=0.21'
             m2crypto_req = 'M2Crypto>=0.24'
         args['install_requires'] += [

The problem is that the pywbem package on PyPI does not show these 
dependencies: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/pywbem/0.8.3

I wonder whether this is the reason for a particular installation 
problem we have seen (https://github.com/pywbem/pywbem/issues/113).

I do see other projects on PyPI, that show the dependencies they specify 
in their setup scripts, on their PyPI package page in a "*Requires 
Distributions*" section:

* https://pypi.python.org/pypi/bandit/0.17.3
* https://pypi.python.org/pypi/json-spec/0.9.14

Many others also do not have their dependencies shown, including six, 
pbr, PyYAML, lxml, to name just a few.

So far, I was unable to find out what the presence or absence of that 
information is related to, in the source of the project.

Here are my questions:

1. What causes the "Requires Distributions" section on a PyPI package 
page to show up there?

2. Is it important to show up there (e.g. for some tools)?


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