[Python-Dev] support of the android platform

Xavier de Gaye xdegaye at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 15:59:02 EDT 2016

On 04/26/2016 07:12 PM, Stefan Krah wrote:
 > Xavier de Gaye <xdegaye <at> gmail.com> writes:
 >> This code, or part of it, could be used to setup a buildbot and in this case
 >> there would not be any conflict between the GPL v3 license and the Python
 >> license, I think. I don't see how it can be combined with Python 3.
 > For the patches on the tracker I just went by your contributor agreement.
 > I didn't check the lineage of the patches. Can I assume that either you
 > are re-licensing GPL-stuff written by yourself to the PSF (which is a
 > perfectly valid use case of the agreement) or rewriting from scratch?

Yes, I am re-licensing GPL code to the PSF for all the patches written by me
in the issues listed on http://bugs.python.org/issue26865#msg264310.  I have
only rewritten the patches from scratch in the following issues:

issue #26849: android does not support versioning in SONAME
               (using a switch case on ac_sys_system)
issue #26854: missing header on android for the ossaudiodev module
               (actually it's difficult to rewrite such an obvious patch)
issue #26855: add platform.android_ver() for android
               (using configparser; Chi Hsuan Yen is proposing a more complete approach)

Fixes for those three issues can also be found in other projects porting
python3 to android, the ones that I know of are:
   * Python 3 Android at https://github.com/yan12125/python3-android, author
     Chi Hsuan Yen
   * python-for-android at https://github.com/kuri65536/python-for-android,
     author shimoda dragon

I also browsed rapidly issue 23496 and could not find any overlap with my


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