[Python-Dev] Release schedule for Python 3.5.2

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Thu Apr 28 21:35:57 EDT 2016

I've been holding off on the hope that one or two bugs would get fixes.  
But those seem to have stalled.  So I think it's time that we pushed out 
a 3.5.2.  Maybe announcing a schedule will light a fire under some rumps.

I put "Spring 2016" as the release date for 3.5.2 on the 3.5 release 
schedule PEP.  Officially, spring ends--and summer begins--Tuesday June 
21 at 12:24am EDT.  However on the off chance that the PyCon sprints are 
productive, I want to hold off until those are done, and maybe give it a 
couple extra days for the dust to settle.  Last sprint day is Sunday 
June 5th.  So, bottom line, the RC will happen during spring, but the 
final release will technically be during summer.

3.5.2 RC 1 - tag Sat June 11, release Sun June 12
3.5.2 Final - tag Sat June 25, release Sun June 26

Any problems with that?  Speak up now.

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