[Python-Dev] 3.6 branch is now open for 3.6.1

Ned Deily nad at python.org
Wed Dec 7 03:11:40 EST 2016

OK, rc1 is now out the door.  Thanks to everyone who helped resolve the remaining release blocker issues.

As of now, the code base for 3.6.0 final is frozen.  The 3.6 branch is now open for code that will be released in 3.6.1, the first 3.6 maintenance release.  As usual, that means bug fixes, security fixes, and documentation updates. Refer to the Developer's Guide for more information on the development cycle.  If you have any questions about whether a change is appropriate for a 3.6.x maintenance release, please ask.


During the period between rc1 and the final release (scheduled for 2016-12-16), please continue to test 3.6.0rc1 and encourage others to do so.  Repeating what I wrote earlier:

Should any emergency showstopper problems be discovered affecting 3.6.0rc1, please open an issue, mark it as "release blocker", if possible push a fix to the 3.6 branch for 3.6.1, and we will discuss what action to take for 3.6.0.  As I've mentioned many times now, my goal is to have *no* code changes for 3.6.0 after rc1 so you will have to make a *really* strong case to add any code changes after rc1 and prior to the final release scheduled for 12-16.  Should the need arise for such a change, it would be cherrypicked from the 3.6 branch.  I am more willing to consider cherry-picking pure doc changes after rc1 but these will also need to be pushed to 3.6 and marked as "release blocker".

Counting down the days to the final release!

  Ned Deily
  nad at python.org -- []

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