[Python-Dev] Someons's put a "Python 2.8" on GitHub

Serhiy Storchaka storchaka at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 02:58:40 EST 2016

On 10.12.16 07:56, Larry Hastings wrote:
> "Python 2.8 is a backwards-compatible Python interpreter with new
> features from Python 3.x. It was produced by forking Python 2.7.12 and
> backporting some of the new syntax, builtins, and libraries from Python
> 3. Python code and C-extensions targeting Python 2.7 or below are
> expected to run unmodified on Python 2.8 and produce the same output.
> But with Python 2.8, that code can now use some of the new features from
> Python 3.x."

I think this project should be renamed.

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