[Python-Dev] Someons's put a "Python 2.8" on GitHub

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Sat Dec 10 08:49:30 EST 2016

On 10.12.2016 10:05, David Mertz wrote:
> I'm forwarding this to the PSF Trademarks committee. If there is a
> violation, it's a misuse of trademark, not copyright on the code which has
> the Python license stack.
> I'm on that committee and agree this is improper use. Let's see what other
> members think.

Our trademark policy for the word mark Python does allow
for such use and without asking for permissions:

As such, stating accurately that software is written in the Python
programming language, that it is compatible with the Python programming
language, or that it contains the Python programming language, is always
allowed. In those cases, you may use the word "Python" or the unaltered
logos to indicate this, without our prior approval. This is true both
for non-commercial and commercial uses.

This clause overrides other clauses of this policy.

and this is on purpose, since Python is BSD software which
anyone can use, modify, fork, etc.

The fork also contains a list of differences compared to
Python 2.7 as shipped by the PSF, so the license is fulfilled
as well:


All that said, I still believe we should contact the author
and ask for a name change to make it clear to our users that
the PSF is not endorsing this fork, nor does it provide
support for it:


Regardless of the name, it'll be interesting to see whether
there's demand for such a fork. Without a website, binaries
to download, documentation, etc. it's still in the very early

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