[Python-Dev] Deprecate `from __future__ import unicode_literals`?

Chris Barker chris.barker at noaa.gov
Mon Dec 19 20:50:19 EST 2016

Please don't get rid of unicode+literals -- I don't even think we should
depreciate it as a recommendation or discourage it.

Maybe a note or two added as to where issues may arise would be good.

I've found importing unicode_literals to be an excellent way to write py2/3
code. And I have never found a problem.

I'm also hoping that my py2/3 compatible code will someday be py3 only --
and then I'll be really glad that I don't have all those u" all over the

Also it does "automagically" do the right thing with, for instance passing
a literal to the file handling functions in the os module -- so that's
pretty nice.

The number of times you need to add a b"" is FAR fewer than "text" string
literals. Let's keep it.



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