[Python-Dev] Issue #23903 - stable API is incomplete

Steve Dower steve.dower at python.org
Wed Dec 21 10:41:17 EST 2016

"Ok, now why should _Py_PrintReferences() function be exported?"

It probably shouldn't, but it needs an #ifndef Py_LIMITED_API check so it is excluded from the headers (my list was automatically generated).

And ideally, private functions that are deliberately exported would have comments, or if they're new, a version check on Py_LIMITED_API.

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2016-12-21 14:06 GMT+01:00 Serhiy Storchaka <storchaka at gmail.com>:
>> These functions are private. Would it be possible to not export them?
> Private functions used in public macros (like _Py_NewReference) should be
> exported.

Ah, _Py_NewReference is used in the PyObject_INIT(op, typeobj) *macro*, right.

IMO it's an issue with our public API: for the stable ABI, we should
replace such macro with a function which hides implementation details.

Example from pystate.h:

#ifdef Py_BUILD_CORE
PyAPI_DATA(_Py_atomic_address) _PyThreadState_Current;
#  define PyThreadState_GET() \
#  define PyThreadState_GET() PyThreadState_Get()

Ok, now why should _Py_PrintReferences() function be exported? This
private function is only called from Py_FinalizeEx(). It is not used
in a macro.

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