[Python-Dev] Asking for feedback about fixing `ftplib' (issue25458)

Giampaolo Rodola' g.rodola at gmail.com
Sun Dec 25 09:21:10 EST 2016

>From what I understand the problem should be fixed in urllib so that it
always closes the FTP connection. I understand this is what happens in
recent 3.x versions but not on 2.7.
As for ftplib, I don't like the solution of using a `transfer_in_progress`
flag in all commands. I see that as a cheap way to work around the fact
that the user may forget to call voidresp() and close the socket after
It probably makes sense to just update nt/transfercmd() doc instead and
make that clear.

On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 12:01 PM, Ivan Pozdeev via Python-Dev <
python-dev at python.org> wrote:

> I'm currently working on http://bugs.python.org/issue25458 .
> There are a few options there, and each one has drawbacks.
> So, I'd like to get some feedback on which way is prefereable before
> working towards any of them and/or other ideas should they arise.
> The problem and the options are summarized in
> http://bugs.python.org/issue25458#msg283073 and the message after that
> one.
> Apart from the options, I'd like to know if I must solve the 2nd problem
> (error handling), too, or it can be handled in a separate ticket.
> --
> Regards,
> Ivan
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