[Python-Dev] Merry Christmas to me, and Python users everywhere

Glenn Linderman v+python at g.nevcal.com
Mon Dec 26 04:25:56 EST 2016

I didn't see an announcement that 3.6.0 had actually been released, but 
I have been longing for the ability to actually write UTF-8 strings to 
the console without using "ascii" or "json.dumps" to avoid the cp437 
codec, and be able to write characters from other the whole Unicode 
repertoire. I was sitting here wishing I could better read some such 

The schedule was 23 December 2016. I decided to see if it had been released.

It seems to be there on Python.org!

I installed it today, which is, as far as I am concerned, still 
Christmas until I go to bed, which will be soon, and it is really still 
Christmas in Hawaii as I type this.  So Merry Christmas to me, and to 
Python users everywhere.

And I changed one of my many programs that want to print UTF-8 to the 
console, and it worked. I am happy.

Many, many thanks to Steve Dower, who actually pushed the PEPs into the 
release, as well as all the other people that have been involved in 
incremental reports, workarounds, and ideas throughout the course of 

And congratulations to everyone on a successful release.

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