[Python-Dev] Request for CPython 3.5.3 release

Steve Dower steve.dower at python.org
Sun Jul 3 12:49:07 EDT 2016

Many of our users prefer stability (the sort who plan operating system updates years in advance), but generally I'm in favor of more frequent releases. It will likely require more complex branching though, presumably based on the LTS model everyone else uses.

One thing we've discussed before is separating core and stdlib releases. I'd be really interested to see a release where most of the stdlib is just preinstalled (and upgradeable) PyPI packages. We can pin versions/bundle wheels for stable releases and provide a fast track via pip to update individual packages.

Probably no better opportunity to make such a fundamental change as we move to a new VCS...


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Another thought recently occurred to me. Do releases really have to be
such big productions? A recent ACM article by Tom Limoncelli[1]
reminded me that we're doing releases the old-fashioned way --
infrequently, and with lots of manual labor. Maybe we could
(eventually) try to strive for a lighter-weight, more automated
release process? It would be less work, and it would reduce stress for
authors of stdlib modules and packages -- there's always the next
release. I would think this wouldn't obviate the need for carefully
planned and timed "big deal" feature releases, but it could make the
bug fix releases *less* of a deal, for everyone.

[1] http://cacm.acm.org/magazines/2016/7/204027-the-small-batches-principle/abstract
(sadly requires login)

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