[Python-Dev] Request for CPython 3.5.3 release

Sven R. Kunze srkunze at mail.de
Mon Jul 4 06:32:24 EDT 2016

On 03.07.2016 16:39, Guido van Rossum wrote:
> Another thought recently occurred to me. Do releases really have to be
> such big productions? A recent ACM article by Tom Limoncelli[1]
> reminded me that we're doing releases the old-fashioned way --
> infrequently, and with lots of manual labor. Maybe we could
> (eventually) try to strive for a lighter-weight, more automated
> release process?

I can only recommend such an approach. We use it internally for years 
now and the workload for releasing, quality assurance and final 
deployment dropped significantly. We basically automated everything.
The devs are pretty happy with it now and sometimes "mis-use" it for 
some of its side-products; but that's okay as it's very convenient to use.

For some parts we use pip to install/upgrade the dependencies but 
CPython might need to use a different tooling for the stdlib and its 

If you need some assistance here, let me know.

> It would be less work, and it would reduce stress for
> authors of stdlib modules and packages -- there's always the next
> release. I would think this wouldn't obviate the need for carefully
> planned and timed "big deal" feature releases, but it could make the
> bug fix releases *less* of a deal, for everyone.
> [1] http://cacm.acm.org/magazines/2016/7/204027-the-small-batches-principle/abstract
> (sadly requires login)


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