[Python-Dev] release cadence

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Jul 5 13:28:29 EDT 2016

On Jul 03, 2016, at 04:21 PM, Steve Dower wrote:

>A rough count of how I'd break up the current 3.5 Lib folder (which I
>happened to have handy) suggests no more than 50 repos.

A concern with a highly split stdlib is local testing.  I'm not worried about
pull request testing, or after-the-fact buildbot testing since I'd have to
assume that we'd make sure the fully integrated sumo package was tested in
both environments.

But what about local testing?  Let's say you change something in one module
that causes a regression in a different module in a different repo.  If you've
only got a small subset checked out, you might never notice that before you
PR'd your change.  And then once the test fails, how easy will it be for you
to recreate the tested environment locally so that you could debug your

I'm sure it's doable, but let's not lose sight of that if this path is taken.

(Personally, I'm +0 on splitting out the stdlib and -1 on micro-splitting it.)


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