[Python-Dev] PyPI index deprecation

Donald Stufft donald at stufft.io
Wed Jul 13 13:43:27 EDT 2016

Dmitry Trofimov <dmitry.trofimov <at> jetbrains.com> writes:

> We will be very happy if the functionality of the index is restored at least
> for some short period of time: please, give as a couple of weeks. That will
> allow us to implement a workaround and provide the fix for the several latest
> major versions of PyChram. 

We've temporarily restored this url. It would be easiest if you could come into
distutils-sig as I'm not subscribed to python-dev (posting from gmane,
hopefully this works!) and we can help you figure out how to use the officially
supported APIs to access the information you need as well as figure out a date
when we can shut it down again? We want to disable this particular URL because
it accounts for a large amount of the slow downs in PyPI and we're not going to
be able to continue supporting it into the future.

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