[Python-Dev] PEP487: Simpler customization of class creation

Sylvain Corlay sylvain.corlay at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 11:49:39 EDT 2016

In the traitlets library I mentioned earlier, we do have a need for this.
The corresponding function is called `setup_class`.

What it does is setting some class attributes that are required for certain
types of descriptors to be able to initialize themselves.

class MetaHasTraits(MetaHasDescriptors):

    """A metaclass for HasTraits."""
    def setup_class(cls, classdict):
        cls._trait_default_generators = {}
        super(MetaHasTraits, cls).setup_class(classdict)


On Fri, Jul 29, 2016 at 5:01 PM, Martin Teichmann <lkb.teichmann at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> there has been quite some discussion on why PEP 487's
> __init_subclass__  initializes subclasses, and not the class itself. I
> think the most important details have been already thoroughly
> discussed here.
> One thing I was missing in the discussion is practical examples. I
> have been using PEP 487-like metaclasses since several years now, and
> I have never come across an application where it would have even been
> nice to initialize the class itself. Also, while researching other
> people's code when I wrote PEP 487, I couldn't find any such code
> elsewhere, yet I found a lot of code where people took the wildest
> measure to prevent a metaclass in doing its job on the first class it
> is used for. One example is enum.EnumMeta, which contains code not to
> make enum.Enum an enum (I do not try to propose that the enum module
> should use PEP 487, it's way to complicated for that).
> So once we have a practical example, we could start discussing how to
> mitigate the problem.
> Btw, everyone is still invited to review the patch for PEP 487 at
> http://bugs.python.org/issue27366. Many thanks to Nick who already
> reviewed, and also to Guido who left helpful comments!
> Greetings
> Martin
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