[Python-Dev] unittest.TestResult lacks API to separate subtests

Ilya Kazakevich Ilya.Kazakevich at JetBrains.com
Fri Jun 24 11:52:27 EDT 2016



We're developing Python IDE and integrated it with unittest module using
inheritor to track test start, end etc. With Py3K, it supports addSubTest
method, that is called after all subtests. But there is no method called
before and after _each_ subtest (like it is done for regular tests). With
out of it I can't fetch each subtest output and display it correctly.


I suggest to add subTestStart / subTestEnd  methods to help me with my issue
and other people with similar issues. I can send patch if you think this is
a good idea. 



Ilya Kazakevich



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