[Python-Dev] Python 3.6.0 download stats

Steve Dower steve.dower at python.org
Tue Nov 22 19:02:28 EST 2016

For anyone who's interested, I ran a quick analysis of the download 
stats from python.org for CPython 3.6.0 releases since September.

As Mac and Linux users typically get their downloads from elsewhere, 
those stats are on the low side. However, we've been getting roughly 10k 
downloads/day for Windows, and even though it's been out less than 24 
hours, 3.6.0b4 is already

There's a PDF with charts at:

My spreadsheet is at 
(Excel format), if you want to see actual numbers. But there is likely 
some lost data in here and almost certainly some hits counted that 
shouldn't be (e.g. the spike on the 19th of September is *probably* a 
broken browser update causing multiple hits for each download - I 
haven't gone through UA data to figure it out yet, but Chrome has 
definitely done this in the past).

Treat the actual numbers with a grain of salt, but overall it looks like 
we've had pretty good usage of the prerelease versions of 3.6.


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