[Python-Dev] Python 3.5 has now transitioned to "security fixes only" mode

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Tue Aug 8 07:22:30 EDT 2017

The Python 3.5 branch has now entered "security fixes only" mode. No 
more bugfixes will be accepted into the 3.5 branch.

In keeping with our modern workflow, I have changed the permissions on 
the 3.5 branch on Github so that only release managers can accept PRs 
into the branch.  Please add me to your 3.5 security fix PRs, as I'm the 
one responsible for accepting them.  (This was already true for the 3.4 
branch, too.)

I neglected to mention it in the release announcement, but this 
transition also means no more binary installers for 3.5 releases. This 
signals the end of my interactions with macOS Platform Expert Ned Deily 
and Windows Platform Expert Steve Dower when making releases.  I just 
wanted to mention what a pleasure it has been working with those two 
gentlemen for the two Python releases I've RM'd for.  They've made me 
look good every time.


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