[Python-Dev] bpo-30987 review

Pier-Yves Lessard py.lessard at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 21:09:19 EDT 2017

Hello there!
I've created a pull request <https://github.com/python/cpython/pull/2956>
almost a month ago that seems to have very little attention and I was
wondering what could be done (if any).

The suggested approach on the "Lifecycle of a pull request" page is said to
wait for a month then remind the nosy list. Unfortunately, I am the only
one on the nosy list, so I skipped to this email directly. I saw some pull
request more recent than mine getting a look at, so I thought maybe
something was wrong with mine.

In any case, let me know if I can do anything to help on that. The feature
I added will unlock a quite nice features for the automotive industry.

Thank you,
Keep up the awesome work!

*Pier-Yves Lessard*
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