[Python-Dev] how to dump cst

yang chen shanchuan04 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 03:53:48 EDT 2017

Hello, everyone.

I'm learning python source code, I used to print info when I debug code,
but it's not convenient. I want to print CST, AST, ByteCode with iPython,
wirte some code, then print it's CST、AST、 BYTECODE, and then to read the
source code.

But, I can't dump the CST tree which will transform to AST, I know I can
print CST tree by modifying python source code, but how to dump the CST
tree in iPython just like dumping AST with ast package.

1. get AST with ast package2. get ByteCode with dis package

3. but how get cst??
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