[Python-Dev] sqlite3 module needs maintainer

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Thu Dec 14 07:42:02 EST 2017


After noticing that many issues were opened for it and it was lacking
maintenance, I contacted the sqlite3 module's historical author and
maintainer, Gerhard Häring (for the record, Gerhard didn't make any
changes to the sqlite3 module since 2011... and the Python 2-only,
third-party "pysqlite" module, which he maintains as well, did not
receive many changes lately).  He answered me that he was ok to declare
the sqlite3 module as officially unmaintained.

Since sqlite3 is such a useful and widely-used standard library module,
it probably deserves someone competent and motivated to maintain it.
Berker Peksağ is also interested in sqlite3 and is interested in
helping maintain it (I'm trying to channel his private words here... I
hope I don't misrepresent his position).



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