[Python-Dev] Heap allocate type structs in native extension modules?

Hugh Fisher hugo.fisher at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 05:16:03 EST 2017

I have a Python program which generates the boilerplate code for
native extension modules from a Python source definition.
(http://bitbucket.org/hugh_fisher/fullofeels if interested.)

The examples in the Python doco and the "Python Essential Reference"
book all use a statically declared PyTypeObject struct and
PyType_Ready in the module init func, so I'm doing the same. Then
Python 3.5 added a check for statically allocated types inheriting
from heap types, which broke a couple of my classes. And now I'm
trying to add a __dict__ to native classes so end users can add their
own attributes, and this is turning out to be painful with static
PyTypeObject structs

Would it be better to use dynamically allocated type structs in native modules?


        Hugh Fisher

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