[Python-Dev] Core Python Projects for GSoC 2017?

Terri Oda terri at toybox.ca
Wed Feb 1 03:33:58 EST 2017

Hey all, it's Google Summer of Code time again!

For those not familiar with it, Google Summer of Code is a mentoring 
program where Google provides stipends to pay students to work with 
selected open source organizations.  Python has participated for many 
years now, and we're hoping to be selected to participate again.

One of the things we have to do to apply is have a bunch of interesting 
ideas for students to work on and a bunch of mentors who are excited 
about working with students.

The PSF page is http://python-gsoc.org/

That has contact information and answers to questions like "what does it 
take to be a mentor?" and please feel free to ask if there's more you 
want to know!

A good project idea is one that is useful to the community and can be 
completed by a student with the help of mentors during the 3-month 
duration of the program.  We want at least two mentors available per 
idea (so that it's not a big deal if someone's at a conference or sick) 
and at least one of the mentors (usually the primary one) should be able 
to review code and work with the community to get code merged upstream 
when it's ready.

So... is anyone here interested in mentoring this year, and does anyone 
have any great ideas of things that we need and can support in Core 
Python?  Brainstorming appreciated!  (Although only ideas with actual 
mentoring support will make the final cut.)

I've got a stub of a Core Python ideas page here:

(If you can't edit the wiki, I can add people's usernames to the editor 
lists, or I can add ideas that are emailed to me.)

And our ideas page template that has a checklist of things students 
usually want to know is here:

If you're interested in mentoring, email gsoc-admins at python.org so I can 
make sure you're on the list of people I ping with reminders.  We need a 
good set of ideas by Feb 7 for our application, and then if we're 
accepted by Google, we can add a few other ideas up until Feb 28 or so.


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