[Python-Dev] Report on Python vulnerabilities

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 20:15:20 EST 2017


I created a tool to generate a report on Python vulnerabilities:


I collected data of 41 vulnerabilities since 2007 (first Python CVE:

If you would like to add data of a new vulnerability, enhance the
report, ... : see the GitHub project.


The main data file is vulnerabilities.yml (YAML). I also filled
manually the python_releases.txt: file: list of all release dates from
Python 2.5.0 to Python 3.6.0.

The tool compute the first Python release in each branch which
includes the fix from a list of commits.

The tool should help to track if vulnerabilities are fixed in all
supported Python versions (branches accepting security fixes).

I also started to collect some notes about Python security in general,
evolution of th ssl module, etc. in the same documentation.


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