[Python-Dev] Can I commit a hack for translation? (Was: Translated Python documentation

INADA Naoki songofacandy at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 07:04:10 EST 2017

Thanks, Victor and all.
This thread is very encouraging for me.

Currently, I have a suspended pull request:

This pull request (1) fixes "CPython implementation detail:" label is
disappear when it's body is translated, and
(2) make the label translatable.

For (2), I managed to "make gettext" in Doc/ extract the label text
into "sphinx.pot".
So we can translate the label at Transifex.
But I used ugly hack for it.  This pull request "dummy.html" file
which isn't used for building html.
It only contains "{% trans %}CPython implementation detail:{% endtrans %}".

We already did the hack in downstream fork of Japanese translation team.

There are one upvote and one downvote for the pull request.  This is
why I suspend the pull request.
Please vote!

a) Commit all.

b) Commit (1), and call gettext() for the "CPython implementation detail:".
   (downstream fork should only add dummy.html).

c) Commit only (1).  (downstream fork should modify pyspecific
extension and add dummy.html)

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