[Python-Dev] PyQt - DLL load failed

Edouard ROYER edouard at bluefarmenvironment.com
Tue Feb 28 09:56:35 EST 2017


I'm pretty new in Python but as I was looking for some new programmer's 
tool, it seemed to me that Python should be the right language for my needs.

However, trying to run PyQt on my computer I have an issue that I didn't 
manage yet : trying to import objects from PyQt library leads to the 
following message :  "ImportError : DLL load failed : Impossibile 
trovare la procedura specificata". Either with PyCharm or launching 
Jupyter QtConsole.

I already read a lot of posts talking about similar issues nut none of 
them gave me a valid solution.

Did i miss something ? Could it be a version problem (even if I'm pretty 
sure to have install in 32 bits compatibility) ?

Many thanks.


Edouard ROYER
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