[Python-Dev] Appending a link back to bugs.python.org in GitHub PRs

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Fri Jul 21 17:28:05 EDT 2017

Thanks to Kushal Das we now have one of the most requested features since
the transition: a link in PRs back to bugs.python.org (in a more
discoverable way since we have had them since Bedevere launched :) . When a
pull request comes in with an issue number in the title (or one gets
added), a link to bugs.python.org will be appended to the PR's body (the
message you fill out when creating a PR). There's no logic to remove the
link if the issue number is removed from the title, changed, or for
multiple issue numbers since basically those cases are all rare and it was
easier to launch without that kind of support.

P.S.: Berker Peksag is working on providing commit emails with diffs in
them which is the other most requested feature since the transition.
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