[Python-Dev] Is Windows XP still supported on Python 2.7?

Zachary Ware zachary.ware+pydev at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 13:05:47 EDT 2017

On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 11:48 AM, Terry Reedy <tjreedy at udel.edu> wrote:
> On 7/24/2017 5:04 AM, Victor Stinner wrote:
>> We have a Windows XP buildbot for Python 2.7, run by David Bolen:
>> http://buildbot.python.org/all/builders/x86%20Windows%20XP%202.7/
>> test_bsddb3 fails randomly on this buildbot:
>> http://bugs.python.org/issue30778
> If that turns out to be an unfixable intermittent failure of two particular
> functions, then it becomes expected.  To keep buildbots green, skip the one
> that crashes and turn the failure of the other into a skip.

We are committed to support back to Windows 2000 in Python 2.7.  In
general, that just means "don't commit something that makes the
platform unsupportable and accept a patch if somebody fixes something
on that platform".  In this case, considering that it's a test of a
2.x-only module on an out-of-vendor-support OS, skipping the tests
(possibly even the entirety of test_bsddb3) on XP sounds just fine to


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