[Python-Dev] RFC: Backport ssl.MemoryBIO and ssl.SSLObject to Python 2.7

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Thu Jun 1 04:57:03 EDT 2017

On Wed, 31 May 2017 14:09:20 -0600
Jim Baker <jim.baker at python.org> wrote:
> But I object to a completely new feature being added to 2.7 to support the
> implementation of event loop SSL usage. This feature cannot be construed as
> a security fix, and therefore does not qualify as a feature that can be
> added to CPython 2.7 at this point in its lifecycle.

I agree with this sentiment.  Also see comments by Ben Darnell and
others here:

Moreover I think that a 2.7 policy decision shouldn't depend on
whatever future plans there are for Requests.  The slippery slope of
relaxing maintenance policy on 2.7 has come to absurd extremities.
If Requests is to remain 2.7-compatible, it's up to Requests to do the
necessary work to do so.



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