[Python-Dev] Extremely slow test modules

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Sat Jun 3 06:31:55 EDT 2017


Is there a reason some of our tests are excruciatingly slow in `-uall`
mode?  `test_multiprocessing_spawn` is understandable (after all, it
will spawn a new executable for each subprocess), but other tests leave
me baffled:

- test_tools: 7 min 41 sec
- test_tokenize: 6 min 23 sec
- test_datetime: 6 min 3 sec
- test_lib2to3: 5 min 25 sec
[excerpt from recent Travis CI logs]

Why does datetime, 2to3 or tokenize testing take so long?  And do we
have so many tools that it should take 7 minutes to run all of them?
I must admit, I don't understand how we got to such a point.



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